GLOBUS 2025: Independent Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka City Stays (IAJ3)

9 Day Package from Tokyo to Osaka

Journey through Japan on this fascinating Independence by Globus itinerary. A 'prefecture' and capital of Japan, Tokyo is the world's most populous metro area and home to unlimited choices-shopping, dining, entertainment, historic temples and sites, peaceful gardens, and excellent museums. Your private guided sightseeing tour includes Meiji Shrine, a 20th-century Shinto monument built within a man-made forest; browse the bustling Nakamise Shopping Arcade; and visit one of the city's most dazzling temples, the Asakusa Kannon Temple. You'll also ascend the Tokyo Skytree for spectacular views over the city. During your free day, you may choose a trip to Mount Fuji. A highlight of the vacation is the shinkansen (bullet train) ride from Tokyo to Kyoto. Reaching nearly 200-miles-per-hour, this is by far the most entertaining way to travel between cities. The 'cradle' of Japan's cultural heritage, Kyoto, was the country's capital and residence of the emperor from the 8th until the 19th centuries. Your private guided sightseeing tour includes visits to Sanjusangendo Temple, the Samurai Museum, where you can learn about Japanese history and see authentic swords and armor, and the beautiful Temple of the Gold Pavilion. Built on a lake and surrounded by a thick forest, the image of the temple's reflection in the water is a can't-miss photo opportunity and memorable scenic view. You'll also walk through Gion and explore the thousands of Torii Gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Take some I-time for a visit nearby Nara or to explore Nishiki Market.

End your exploration of Japan in Osaka with visits to Osaka Castle and Minami, the famous entertainment district and where the locals go for fun.

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Offer valid through 6/30/2024
9 Days
Escorted - Yes
Day 1Tokyo

Welcome to Japan! Your hotel is available for mid-afternoon check-in.
Day 2Tokyo

- Today, hop on Tokyo's subway system for a private guided sightseeing tour of the city. Start with a visit to Meiji Shrine, a magnificent 20th-century Shinto monument set in a man-made forest.
- At Tokyo Skytree ascend to Sorakara Point on floor 450 at some 450 meters/1500 feet, the highest point visitors can explore. Here you'll marvel at the stunning panoramic views over the city and and, on a clear day, Mount Fuji.
- Lastly, visit bustling Nakamise shopping arcade and Asakusa Kannon Temple, the oldest of their kind in Tokyo.

Day 3Tokyo

- Enjoy a full day at your leisure.

Today's I-Time Tips
Enjoy a full day at leisure for your own discoveries. Utilize your included Tokyo Metro Pass to explore more of Tokyo's unique neighborhoods, take a day trip to Mount Fuji, or visit the street-food markets for local specialties.

Day 4Kyoto

- Today, travel by shinkansen (bullet train) to historic Kyoto, former capital of Japan.

Day 5Kyoto

- Your private guided sightseeing tour uses efficient public transportation to take you around the city. Start at stunning Kinkakuji, Temple of the Gold Pavilion, covered with shimmering gold leaf.
- Tour the Samurai and Ninja Museum for a hands-on history lesson of Japan's famous warriors, including the armor, weapons, and swords from the Medieval era.
- Next, take a walking tour through Gion, Kyoto's most famous geisha district, which is also known for its high concentration of machiya-style merchant houses.
- Continue to Sanjusangendo Temple, famous for 1,001 statues of Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Flanking the main statue are 1,000 life-sized statues, covered in gold leaf, with 40 arms said to have the power to save 25 worlds.
- Finish with a visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine, renowned for the thousands of brightly colored Torii Gate.

Day 6Kyoto

- Enjoy a full day at your leisure.

Today's I-Time Tips
Take an excursion to nearby Nara or explore more of Kyotos historic temples and shrines using your included subway and bus pass.

Day 7Osaka

- Drive to Osaka where your private guided sightseeing tour starts at Osaka Castle and the surrounding park.
- Then explore Minami, the city's famous entertainment district, encompassing the districts of Shinsaibashi and Namba and the famed Dontonbori Street. Start with lunch featuring okonomiyaki, a delicious pancake dish famous in Osaka. Then, explore this exciting area by foot with your guide. From museums and shopping to theater and dining, this is where the locals come for fun!

Day 8Osaka

- Enjoy a full day at your leisure.

Today's I-Time Tips
Return to Minami for further exploration or visit the Open-Air Museum of Japanese Farm Houses. Whatever you choose to do, we've included a subway and bus pass to help you get around.

Day 9Osaka

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.


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03/08/2025$5,139.00* (USD) / Land Only PriceQuote
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03/29/2025$5,599.00* (USD) / Land Only PriceQuote
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